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Stay Safe Masks 3 Pack – Made in China.

These masks are packaged in packs of 3, each pack is sealed in a retail friendly plastic package with a euro hook.

Introducing the Stay Safe Face Mask 3 Pack.

The Stay Safe Mask offers a high level of protection from harmful particles and bacteria everywhere you go.

A light, comfortable fit makes this face mask easy to wear for long periods of time.

You can have your Stay Safe Face Mask 3 Packs in 24 hours. We offer a fully tracked service & next day shipping with UPS to the UK & Ireland.

Product details

Stay Safe Face Mask 3 Packs

This pack contains 3 disposable face masks (face coverings) made from three layers of comforting-to-skin fabric to cover the mouth and nose. They feature a soft ear loop fastening and comfortable pleated design.

Product Specification​

  • 3-Ply Protective Ear loop Face Masks​
  • Polypropylene filter​
  • High breathability​
  • Soft nonwoven material ensures comfort during prolonged wear​
  • Splash resistant​
  • Fully Certified​
  • Highest Quality Materials​
  • Made in China

How to use Stay Safe Masks 3 Pack – Made in China.

1) Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the mask
2) Remove one mask from the pack and ensure there are no tears or holes
3) Fold the mask in half and keep an arch shape in the middle which will sit over your nose
4) Place an ear loop around one ear first, and then the other one
5) Adjust the mask until it fits comfortably over your nose
6) Unfold the mask and stretch it underneath your chin
7) Clean your hands again and refrain from touching the mask once it’s fitted to your face
8) After use, dispose of immediately in household waste and wash your hands again

You can also check out a video we made with Dr Sarah Murphy or this video from the WHO.

Stay Safe 3PLY Medical Face Masks Important info

The use of face masks does not provide protection against coronavirus (COVID-19) but could help to minimize the risk of transmission to other people in some circumstances. Face masks should not be used in place of social distancing and hand washing, or in place of self-isolation. Anyone with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, and their household, must still self-isolate at home.

Each mask should only be used once and immediately disposed of with your household waste after use.


Made in China

KN95 Respirator

UPS delivery 48hrs service

Transit times:

UPS Transit times are 24hrs for major cities in Ireland and 48 hrs for remote areas


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