Ed Corkery - Co-Founder- Operations and Certification- StaySafe
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Facemate® FFP2 and FFP3 Respirators - Made in Ireland

The IREMA Facemate respirator is widely used by frontline healthcare workers in Irish hospitals.
Proudly made in Ireland.

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SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits

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We’re in this together

Wear a face mask to protect others; others wear masks to protect you. Let's do this.

StaySafe Masks proudly made in Ireland.

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Make the safe choice: protect yourself and others

Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19 together.

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Ed Corkery

Co-founder – operations and certification

I’ve worked with many brands to help them sell through online retail, on global marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. I founded my own company, Soundzdirect, in 2008 and together with Alan Eustace we set up TBM Solution, a freight, fulfilment, e-commerce and distribution company, where I look after the operations side of the business. 

Like many people, I’ve seen firsthand the effects of shortages in PPE to healthcare at a time when it’s desperately needed. My partner works in nursing at a children’s hospital in Dublin and I was all too aware of the difficulties with getting enough supplies of the right quality. 

From working in retail, I know what a good consumer product should look like, and I was shocked recently when I was in a shop and saw a box full of overpriced face masks, just lying there on the counter beside the bars of chocolate. But how are we supposed to trust a mask if it’s been lying there uncovered with people breathing on it? It dawned on me: this is a consumer issue, and it’s one I feel passionately about. As long as the Covid-19 crisis is with us, and maybe for longer, we’ll be relying on masks to protect ourselves and others whenever we get on public transport, or visit a shopping centre, or go to work. 

I look after operations and compliance at StaySafe, and I can call on my experience of working in quality management for a medical devices company earlier in my career. 

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