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Facemate® FFP2 and FFP3 Respirators - Made in Ireland

The IREMA Facemate respirator is widely used by frontline healthcare workers in Irish hospitals.
Proudly made in Ireland.

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SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits

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We’re in this together

Wear a face mask to protect others; others wear masks to protect you. Let's do this.

StaySafe Masks proudly made in Ireland.

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Make the safe choice: protect yourself and others

Let’s stop the spread of COVID-19 together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about protective face masks?

The following page should answer your frequently asked questions about protective face masks and PPE equipment supplied by My Stay Safe. Can’t find an answer to your question?
Send us an email to our customer service team and we will be happy to come back to you soon.

Looking for a Video of how do I correctly put on a face mask?

What type of protective face mask are you producing?

Our masks are highly breathable, splash-resistant, and made of a soft non-woven material to make them as comfortable as possible if you need to wear them for a long period of time. (Here’s the science bit: the mask has a polypropylene filter with a bacterial filtration rate of more than 98%.) 

Although they’re of similar quality to medical-grade products, and are CE-approved, these masks are a consumer product. Our idea is to make them convenient and suitable for everyday use, not for medical or surgical needs. Not all masks are the same: our products are not respirators for infectious control, nor are they N95 masks like the ones you’ve probably heard about. 

Why would I need to wear a protective face mask?

Many medical experts believe that as long as the Covid-19 Coronavirus is with us, face masks will become part of daily life. They prevent the wearer from infecting other people through coughing or sneezing, and that’s especially important since many people are at their most contagious before they start showing symptoms of the virus. This is one of the most frequently asked questions about protective face masks.

In some parts of the world that have experienced pandemics before, wearing masks has become culturally accepted. Whether or not you’re showing symptoms of infection, this is a way to protect others, as well as yourself, as you go about your day. So it’s a question of culture, community, and conscience. 

Some countries are asking people to wear masks every time they leave the house. At a minimum, masks are especially needed in places where we’re likely to be in contact with large numbers of people, like on public transport or in shops.

Think of it like this: if you were at the beach and you forgot your sun cream, you’d buy some lotion at the nearest kiosk instead of going without it and risking sunburn. We’re planning to do the same with masks: you keep one with you at all times, but just in case you leave it behind, you’ll be able to find one to buy quickly and easily. You’ll be doing the right thing by not putting others at risk, and you won’t be taking supply away from your GP, or dentist, or hospital staff. 

Where can I buy face masks?

We’re selling them direct online at, and they’ll be available through selected retailers soon. It is important to us to have Irish made face masks available as widely as possible. We are in discussions with retailer partners and our goal is to be available in supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations over the coming weeks. Our preference is to work with partners that see this a long-term commitment and who want to diversify their supply chain to include products made in Ireland.

How much do the face masks cost?

€29.99 for a pack of 50 masks or €14.99 for a pack of 20 masks, bulk packed with no plastic to reduce environmental waste. We’re offering free next day tracked delivery for all orders over 50 Euro/Sterling. We’re also shipping packs of individually sealed masks, for businesses to hand out to visitors who arrive in reception areas. 

We’re currently shipping to Ireland and UK only but we plan to expand quickly to supply customers continental Europe.

Who’s behind this?

We’re entrepreneurs and business people with a background in consumer-focused industries. Because this is a brand-new area for everyone, we believe it needs people with experience in retail who can help to bring affordable, effective products to market through traditional retail channels as well as online. 

Many of us have experienced first-hand the problems that mask shortages have created, so we wanted to put our knowledge to good use by producing masks without affecting the vital supply of protective equipment into the healthcare system. 

Isn’t this taking PPE away from frontline health workers?

No. We can’t stress this enough: our masks are in addition to what’s being procured and produced elsewhere, not a replacement for them. We’ve invested in brand-new manufacturing equipment, so we’re not taking any capacity away from the production of much-needed PPE for healthcare workers. 

And because we produce our masks here in Ireland, there’s a minimal environmental footprint as well; at most, they’ve travelled a few hundred kilometres to get to you, not halfway around the world on multiple modes of pollution-producing transport. 

Why did you produce face masks in Ireland?

This is a common frequently asked questions about protective face masks that Stay Safe supply. As we’ve discovered during our very rapid R&D phase, producing masks in a way that’s affordable for the public isn’t cheap. To keep our costs down, we could have sourced the masks in other parts of the world, but many of those places are struggling to keep up with huge demand from all across the world. There were no guarantees of supply, and we didn’t have enough oversight into the quality of the final product. 

To produce masks consistently to the right design, and avoid the risks of a lack of supply, we needed to produce them ourselves in Ireland, sourced as close to the home market as possible, so we needed to make a significant investment upfront. But now we have much more control over the process, and that gives us more control over the price. 

Tell us about your community work

Check out our social media feeds where we support frontline workers and vulnerable people. Please get in touch with us to discuss working with us on your community projects.

How do face masks reduce airborne transmission is a common question about protective face masks?


Do you run an affiliate program?

Yes please click here to tell us about your ideas and why you would like to partner with us.


I have a retail shop and would like to stock Stay Safe?

Our masks are stocked in hundreds of retail stores around Ireland and the UK. If you are a retailer and would like to stock our masks, please register on our site as a business user and then contact us at We will quickly verify that you are a retailer and then set your account up to get our retail discount. Best way to start is to order 120 x 3 packs and we will send you a super high quality CDU to display the stock. The CDU holds 90 x 3 packs. You will see our CDU in any of the 167    Circle K stores in Ireland, Fresh The Good Food Market stores, select Spar stores, select Maxol petrol stations and many independent pharmacies.


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